DeLorean Alpha5: A 4-seater performance EV with gullwing doors

KUALA LUMPUR: The iconic American automaker DeLorean, known for its DMC 12 two-door sports car featured in the “Back To The Future” movie, is back after a long hiatus of 40 years. DeLorean Motor Company has recently introduced its new model called DeLorean Alpha5, which is one of the upcoming five DeLorean cars. Let’s check out the key highlights of this new performance machine.


  • What will be the DeLorean Alpha5 EV driving range?

    With a battery pack larger than 100kWh, the DeLorean Alpha5 EV will go over 482.6 km on a single charge.

  • How many units of DeLorean Alpha5 will be available?

    Set to hit the roads in 2024, the DeLorean Alpha5 production will be limited to only 88 units.

  • DeLorean Alpha5


    Just like the DMC-12, the new Alpha5 is also designed by Italdesign and features the gullwing doors. It has a curved and smoothed out body type with a low coefficient of drag figure of 0.23. The sports car boasts a sculpted bonnet with sleek LED light bars coupled with turbine-style wheels and flared wheel arches. Towards the rear, we see light bar style tail lights along with the illuminated brand logo and the diffuser.

    DeLorean Alpha5

    Against the measuring tape, the car measures 4,995 mm in length, 2,044 mm in width, 1,370 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,300 mm.

    DeLorean Alpha5


    Inside, the DeLorean Alpha5 sports a nice and minimalistic design with a wraparound layout. And no unnecessary clutter of traditional controls. The dash benefits from a widescreen driver’s display and a portrait-style infotainment unit. With the minimalist layout, it seems that the latter would handle most of the in-car functions. The car can accommodate up to four adults.

    DeLorean Alpha5


    Unlike its predecessor, the Alpha5 runs on electric propulsion. While unveiling partial details on the EV powertrain setup, the automaker confirms that it will have a battery pack larger than 100kWh, which will allow it to go over 482.6 km on a single charge (US Environmental Protection Agency standards).

    DeLorean Alpha5

    In terms of performance, the EV will run from zero to 100 kmph in less than 3.0 seconds, and achieve a top speed of over 250 kmph, claims DeLorean. Well, this is a base trim hinting at even spicier versions of the EV in the near future.

    Set to hit the roads in 2024, the DeLorean Alpha5 production will be limited to only 88 units. The Alpha5 launch will be followed by a V8-powered sports coupe, an electric sedan and a hydrogen-powered SUV. 

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